Liszt Manuscripts: A Bicentenary Presentation

Editorial remarks


Letter to Pierre Érard

Letter to Blandine and

Cosima (1855)

Contin. (2-4)

Contin. (5-6)

Tre sonetti di Petrarca

Sonetto 47

Sonetto 123
Editorial & References

The two letters and two music manuscripts here presented have the following inventory numbers: NMI 064/IA5 (Sonetto 47), NMI 064/IA6 (Sonetto 123), NMI 064/IC1 (letter to Pierre Érard, 12-8-1924); NMI 064/IC14 (to Blandine and Cosima Liszt, 14-9-1855). For further data, see the inventory.

The transcriptions have been made along the same guidelines as in the previous NMI web publication of four letters to Espérance von Schwartz. In this case however the transcriptions are offered in two versions. A transcription which is offered separately follows the graphic appearance of the manuscript; in the transcription which is joined with the translation the original line divisions are not shown, and paragraphs are added. Additions between the lines have been marked with slashes; in the 1855 letter, passages written in the margin are indicated with double slashes (//). Both transcriptions strictly follow the manuscript, with the following reservations:

Liszt's few standard abbreviations have been silently completed (doubling the overlined m and n, de/du for d); accents and quote marks have been standardized. In spite of inconsistencies, capitalization follows the manuscript. No modernization was applied to spelling (e.g. enfans); punctuation (to the extent that it is recognizable) has been maintained. Underlinings are reproduced as such in the separate transcription, and replaced by italics in the transcription with translation.

The introductions provide a biographical context with the letters, and a few remarks on compositional aspects of the music manuscripts.

Lodewijk Muns, March 2011



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